Snagging Surveys

Snagging Surveys are an important part of the property buying process. After the construction of a new property is completed, it is important to conduct a snagging survey to identify and address any defects, damages, or incomplete work before the buyer moves in. Snagging Surveys are typically carried out by professional surveyors or inspectors who have experience and knowledge in identifying construction defects.

The survey report from Snagging Survey typically includes a detailed report of the defects found along with photos, including highlighting any safety hazards and regulatory issues that must be resolved. The surveyor will typically address the concerns with the developers or builders who will be required to make the necessary repairs.

Without Snagging Surveys, the buyer may not be aware of the issues that need to be addressed, which could lead to unexpected costs, hazards, or even reduced resale value of the property. Therefore, it is highly recommended that buyers hire a professional inspector to conduct a thorough Snagging Survey to ensure their investment is sound.

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