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I am RICS member and CIOB member. Yes, we are fully insured.
Typically, between 2 to 3.
The structural integrity of a buildings is always the priority with any survey, whether L1, L2 or L3.
We aim to issue the report within 5 working days after the date of inspection. Payment to be settled before issuing the report.
Payment is via bank transfer. We will invoice you on the day after we have carried out the survey.
This is not generally a good idea for many reasons. However, if the property is uninhabited, it may be possible to meet at the property to go over feedback after the inspection is complete.
Roof and chimney inspections are included in a Building Survey. If the roof cannot be seen from the ground with binoculus, for an additional fee we can deploy a drone for aerial images. This is weather and restrictions permitting. This will need to be agreed prior to survey. It is down to you to inform us if this service is needed prior to our visit. If you are unsure, I can call you on the day to give you the option to use the Drone for the previously agreed fee.
We will only carry visual inspections and comment on age and condition as well as highlight anything potentially dangerous with the installations. We may recommend further investigation either by gas safe engineers or qualified electricians.
We don’t not do beam calculations. We may be able to advise on load bearing walls. This will depend on the particular building.

Subsidence issues and cracking are predominantly inspected by a qualified and experienced surveyor with advice given on causes and remedial work recommended, along with budget cost where appropriate. Sometimes additional inspection or advise such as drainage and occasional soil testing will be advised.

This is not something that will generally need a Structural Engineer unless there are elements of construction needed as part of any remedial works that are in addition to the original construction of the property.

If it is your lender that has requested this survey, please check that my qualifications are acceptable to them before proceeding. I am RICS and CIOB member.

Inspection for damp and testing with damp meter is included in the Level 3 Building Survey.
We don’t provide inspection of the drainage with CCTV this will need to be done by specialist companies. However, we will inspect the Inspection Chambers (IC) if accessible.
We do not hold a Valuer Registration Scheme licence and so we do not carry out valuation nor reinstatement cost assessment with our surveys and are not able to advise on valuations.
We do not hold a Valuer Registration Scheme licence and so we will not include valuation with our surveys.
We can only make recommendation for testing if our inspection has revealed the likelihood of asbestos. The testing is done by specialist companies.

No, this is normally done by the freehold, landlord or managing agents and is carried out by a specialist company. I cannot provide this type of survey.

Your legal adviser should be able to find out if the managing agents or landlord has had the building assessed previously.

We consult Groundsure website and give an indication of flood risk in the area. For an in-depth Flood Risk Report you will need Environmental searches carried out.
As a matter of policy, we do not recommend companies for any kind of building work.


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